Every kid who loves to dance should watch this movie

Many children turned their attention towards dancing during the lockdown and have been getting very good at it. This happened because all the theatres, malls, gyms, parks and schools were closed, giving them more time than they regularly got. They used this time to cultivate this habit and started watching more dance movies and web series on every OTT streaming platform for inspiration and lessons. The Telugu film industry also launched an OTT streaming platform named Aha during march 2020, which also helped many children and their parents watch many movies and web series. You can stream numerous movies and web series on aha and be loved by everyone from the South Indian film industry.

Another big movie that children and the masses loved was the 2018 musical dance movie Lakshmi. Lakshmi is a story about a ten-year-old who loves dancing, but her single mother doesn’t appreciate her dancing and does nothing to motivate her to become a great dancer. She then finds solace in dancing in a cafe near her school, where she meets Vijay Krishna alias VK who is impressed with her dancing skills. VK then talks with Lakshmi and understands her problems. VK also helps Lakshmi get into a good dance academy in Hyderabad. All goes smoothly till the day of her competition, during which Lakhsmi gets cold feet and does not perform well in front of the crowd. Then VK goes over to the committee members to ask for a second chance for Lakshmi. Then it is revealed that VK also participated in the competition and could not make it to the competition due to an injury. The only thing that Lakshmi and VK can do to win the dance competition is to accept the challenge by one of the committee members and prove they are great dancers. This brilliant dance movie is directed by A.L.Vijay and is produced by PrateekChakravorty, ShrutiNallappa and R. Ravindran. The movie stars Prabhu Deva, DityaBhande, Aishwarya Rajesh and SalmYusuff Khan. Sam C.S. is the music composer, and Nirav Shah is the cinematographer of the movie. The movie was released on 24 August 2018, and one can view the movie on the famous Telugu OTT streaming platform Aha.

The one thing that the director took care of was the dancing of the children. The complex dance moves were performed so flawlessly by the children that one amazes at these children’s talent. The unique facial expressions of all the stars while performing the dance moves were top-notch, and it is nothing short of any other movie. The music and the soundtrack help deliver the emotions properly and are the string that ties the entire movie together. Prabhu Deva doesn’t disappoint while dancing, and to watch him dance is like watching someone flawlessly do something that they are so good at. The flashback dance sequence of Prabhu Deva is simply astonishing to watch. The kids also helped bring out the emotions at the right time, flawlessly taking the movie to a whole new level.

To sum it up

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