Is vaping the same as smoking?Detailed Information

Smoking both tobacco and marijuana through vaping has become increasingly popular.Like everything, popularity is accompanied by additional attention to the potential risks.Electronic cigarettes or “vapes” heat a liquid to create vapor that is inhaled.The devices that are used by vape brands are pens, e-cigarettes (like JUUL), and hookahs.There are still several health risks associated with vaping, even though it appears to be a healthier alternative than smoking cigarettes.Find out what they are.

Do you know how vaping works?

The color, shape, and size of vape brands can all vary.The by-product of heating a liquid in these devices is an aerosol by-product, which sometimes contains flavorings and other chemicals that provide a less harsh feeling than smoking at least at the beginning.Inhaling the liquid and exhaling it through the mouth or nose allows the user to consume nicotine, marijuana, or other substances.

Risks associated with vaping

Vaping products typically provide a liquid with 1/3 to 1/2 the nicotine found in cigarettes, but a Juulpod with 5% nicotine strength will replace a pack of cigarettesstill, vaping users face significant health and safety concerns.A recent CDC study found nicotine in some e-cigarettes, though it might not always appear on the label. Nicotine, which can harm the developing adolescent brain, continues to grow until about 25 years old.When nicotine is used by adolescents, it can damage parts of the brain that control:

  • Learning
  • Mood
  • Attention
  • Impulse control

In adolescents, nicotine consumption can affect the development of synapses and trigger the development of future addictions to cigarettes and other drugs.Nicotine, in addition to other harmful substances, may be included in vaping liquid and subsequent vapor.

  • Biologically active chemicals that cause cancer
  • Nickel, tin, and lead are considered heavy metals
  • Compounds volatile organic
  • It may cause lungs to become infected when inhaled deeply

There is still a lot unknown about vaporizing, especially about Vitamin E acetate, a chemical added in some liquid vaporizers to help dilute the vaping liquid.At the end of December 2019, more than 2,500 vapers were hospitalized because of vaping-related injuries.In addition to 54 deaths, vaping has caused 54 hospitalizations in 27 states and the District of Columbia.